img_0683    Hi, my name is Kayleen Stevens, and welcome to my site.  I am a Christian, a wife to Phil for over 18 years and a caregiver to him 24/7  since his stroke in 2007.  My career includes over twenty-five years in administration and five years as a substitute teacher in grades K-12.  Most recently I started a home-based business in the wellness industry specializing in nutrition and fat loss. 

As a woman who loves God with all her heart, soul and mind, and having been given the gift of eternal life, I am compelled to share my faith with anyone seeking answers to know their purpose in life.  

As a woman who didn’t get married until her forties, I understand the needs of single adults as well as those who are married.  Finding purpose in life, whether you are married or single, is everyone’s desire.  Through my blog posts, I help people discover the benefits of both singlehood and marriage.  

As a retired administrative assistant and former educator, I bring together experiences in working with people of all ages, sex, race and nationalities.   

As a home-based business network marketer in the wellness industry, I inform people through educational articles on health and nutrition so that they are equipped to make more informed decisions on their healthcare.

Your comments on my blog posts are most welcome.  Thanks for stopping by.


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